Self-Seeking and Stationary VSAT Communications

  • Fully secure phone, fax and data
  • Excellent for tight hole wells
  • Local Calgary phone numbers
  • Digital T1’s for business class voice (clear and reliable)
  • Voice travels on DataDrill’s fully secure network (never touches the internet)
  • Unlimited phone calls and fax within Canada and the United States (no long distance per minute charges)
  • Unlimited data usage (no overages)
  • Self-seeking technology; Push button search and stow (no field visit required for rigs moves)
  • Data plus voice and fax (up to 8 lines)
  • QoS to ensure voice calls and business data always receive the bandwidth they require
  • All voice lines can also be used for sending and receiving faxes on standard fax machines
  • This system is IP based thus, it can be utilized for FTP, VPN and other applications

Network Coverage

  • Very reliable network, not susceptible to rain fade
  • System operates on Anik F2, the best satellite for Canadian Coverage
  • Coverage ranges from Mid-US states up into the NWT with a 1.2 Meter Dish
  • Network is monitored and supported 24/7/365
  • Field service on-site within 24 hrs