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Asset Tracking Services

DataDrill’s Tracking System Includes

  Online mapping access to all of your company’s assets.

› Fully licensed by Google Maps.

  Robust alert system to track speeding, hard acceleration, possible collision, and more.

•  Ability to view alerts online or right from your smartphone or tablet.

•  Advanced reporting and breadcrumb trails to monitor safety and driver activity.

  Ability to set Points of Interest for frequently visited sites.

•  Integrated Oil and Gas roads.

› Directions to virtually anywhere, including oil patch sites in remote areas.

•  A search tool, to pinpoint LSD, Lat/Lng, BCNTS, or addresses right on the map.

  Map dashboard is fully customizable (branding options).

Asset Tracking

  Track mobile or static assets via our easy to use Graphical User Interface.

  Receive downloadable reports in either PDF or CSV formats.

  Use DataDrill cellular and satellite trackers, or a combination of both, to ensure reliable tracking.

  Custom integration via API.

  Static trackers for assets that rarely move locations.

› Get updates from these devices in the field up to 4 times daily.

•  Mobile trackers for assets that are consistently in motion.

› Dual–mode will switch into satellite mode when cell coverage is lost.

  Tank Sensors to remotely monitor fluid levels.

Benefits of DataDrill AVL System

•  Real-time visibility to where your assets are at all times, in both cellular and satellite coverage.

› Assists in Journey Management planning, as you know the minute your assets arrive or leave a site.

•  Reduce your overall operational and maintenance costs.

•  Substantial ROI in sectors such as oil and gas, logistics, trucking and logging, and many more.

  Eliminate unnecessary costs due to overbilling, product misplacement, and punctuality.

•  Know the minute field workers arrive at or leave a site.

•  Ability to integrate with existing two–way radios to view their location on DataDrill’s map.

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