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Support Centre

DataDrill provides a complete IT solution for remote field operations. We reduce the complications and costs of maintaining additional IT support staff and infrastructure for remote users. Our 24/7/365 support provides peace of mind for our clients because staff in both head office and remote locations can focus on their primary jobs.

Support Team is available 24/7/365 to help resolve any issue.

Standardized Equipment allows for quick and easy deployment. The learning curve is minimal for remote users as they are already familiar with the equipment. All issues are resolved quickly and efficiently due to common configurations.

DataDrill’s equipment is updated regularly. Remote users gain the benefits by using current proven technology.

Inventory Management is used to track  equipment and generate customized reports to identify inactive units to have them returned to us, reducing unnecessary costs.

Remote Desktop Support is used to fix many software issues remotely, eliminating costly hotshots or long delays to replace equipment.

Peloton License Management is available to relicense remote users as needed. We also regularly check available licenses to ensure additional ones are not purchased needlessly, helping with your bottom line.

24/7/365 Support for Peloton’s Suite of Well Lifecycle applications.

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

• Diverse team of qualified technicians that operate quickly and efficiently to resolve any issues that may occur

• No Automated phone systems, allowing you to speak directly to a qualified NOC technician.

• DataDrill use leading-edge Network Monitoring Tools to monitor the status and health of all our remote sites.

›Technicians can reliably monitor the entire network from DataDrill’s headquarters 24/7/365 and proactively resolve and avoid network and site related issues.

Field Support

Field visits are performed as requested to rig-up, rig-move, or rig-out equipment.

› Any required preventative maintenance or repairs are completed with the highest priority.

Strategically located field offices allow service within 24 hours of a request.

All field trucks are outfitted with GPS tracking, two-way radios, and satellite phones, plus all safety gear.

Hotshot service is available for situations that require immediate attention.

All DataDrill Field Technicians are fully certified with H2S, GEOS, Fall Arrest, First Aid, WHMIS and any Company Specific Orientation.


Customized Reporting

With our reporting services, you will be able to view how your DataDrill Managed Laptop and VSAT systems are operating, their monthly usage, and any historical data as needed.

Satellite Reporting

Our network dashboard reports information from each VSAT modem and generates simple reports via an easy to navigate webpage.

Includes current and historical upload and download statistics per unit, or for a company or division as a whole.

DataDrill’s NOC can report current and historical VSAT levels of each individual site.

Reports GPS location of VSAT sites and plots them on a map to see the current or last known location of customer sites.

Managed Systems Reporting

Laptop deployment versus actively licensed laptops helps us identify potential cost savings where “inactive” machines can be put on standby or sent back to DataDrill to stop billing.

Call Logs show trends regarding a specific issue, so it can be addressed on a broader scale as needed.

Low volumes of call logs also prove that our hardware and support systems are working as promised.

Equipment reports easily identify users targeted for planned upgrades.

Head Office:

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